What you need to about know the city called Ackley?

Have you ever visited or toured a new place and you were amazed by what you’ve seen and experienced? Well, visitors and tourists feel this way at Ackley.

Ackley isn’t widely known like other U.S. cities, but don’t let that cloud your judgment about Ackley. The city is a beautiful and small tourist destination. And by visiting Ackley you will never regret your decision; you’ll enjoy every second of your stay here because there are lots of unique places to be visited. Besides, you may even vow to revisit it someday soon.

Ackley is a small town in Iowa with a population of 1,816 residents and a population density of 247 people per km. It is located in Hardin County, and it’s arguably one of the best towns to live in Iowa. There are many parks and bars in Ackley, so even as you relax, you get to enjoy yourself and have a memorable experience. Also, the city was created over 170 years ago, in 1851.

Ackley Iowa USA

Brief History and interesting facts you need to know about Ackley IA

Many immigrants purchased farms and started settling in the North Hardin County area in 1852. And during the fall season in 1852, a frontiers-man from Indiana named L.H. Artedge staked a claim in the north of the Hardin County line, and then he built a cabin close to where Highway 57 currently pass through.

But Thomas Downs, another settler, became the first permanent Ackley resident. But after his death, his widow sold a strip of land from Butler Street to the four County corner for $3.00 an acre to a man named Minor Gallop. Then Gallop built a house on the east of Highway 57, which later became stagecoaches stopover and the first post office.

Several caravans came to settle in this area. Roby Parriott and his wife, Abigail, stayed in Washington Township, Butler County. Then Parriott began to purchase more lands that have become what is currently the business section of Ackley.

Afterwards, mills were built on the Iowa River south of the town, and a stage line was built from Cedar Falls to Fort Dodge. In the 1850s, surveying teams from the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Company were sent to build a railroad, and one of the members was William J. Ackley. He discovered that the Etna Township was suitable for a railroad station.

Then William Ackley bought the land from Parriott and Abigail, his wife, for the railroad route and discussed founding a town. He and three other land developers bought the land, which is currently the town, for $25.00 an acre, then sold sites to develop the town.

Ackley was already staked out in 1857, and the plan was signed on December 12, 1857. William Ackley never lived in Ackley city, but he named the town after himself.

The Municipal Building was built in 1939. The mayor and town council, police station, library, fire department, and a large meeting room were all housed in the same building.

School buses started working in 1946. In 1947, the city mail delivery was initiated. The Ackley Golf Club was designed, and the clubhouse was built in 1948.

In 1900, the first rural mail route was created. The first Sauerkraut Days celebration was observed on September 17, 1903.

Ackley city is located within the Township of Etna, which is a minor civil division (MCD) of Hardin County.

Ackley Iowa USA Sunset
Beautiful Iowa Sunset

One-of-a-kind Site Attractions in Ackley IA

Ackley Heritage Center

Do you wish to know more about the History of Ackley city? Then you have to visit Ackley Heritage centre, which is located at the second level of the Municipal building because there lie all the answers to your questions. You get to see lots of displays, artefacts, personal history files and videos, old school pictures and publications, and Ackley historical photographs exhibited inside the heritage centre.

Mann Wilderness Area State Preserve

If you’re an outdoorsy or adventurous person, then you’re going to love the Mann Wilderness Area. It is a forested area that lies along the Iowa River Greenbelt, and it is a 103-acre preserve situated five miles north of Steamboat Rock in northeastern Hardin County. The preserve was dedicated in 1979 as a biological and geological state preserve.

The topography and landscape are captivating, and it has a soft glacial deposit underneath a limestone bedrock. The strong typography and the regular outcrops of these Mississippian (about 350 million years old) limestone along the valley walls add to the beautiful picturesque feature of the Iowa River Greenbelt.

Pine Lake State Park

The beautiful and elegant Pine Lake State Park offers four excellent areas suitable for picnics. So you can have a time out with your family as you enjoy the wonders of the Park. There’s the Hogsback Bluffs Picnic Area that exposes you to the lower lakeside and the quiet river setting that is close to the Pine Creek on the eastern part of the Iowa River, while other picnic areas are located the Circle point and the Upper Lake Boat Ramp. Open picnic shelters can be found at the Upper Lake Boat Ramp and circle point. But the beach space can be reserved online via the Park’s reservation system.

There’s an attractive stone and timber lodge high on a ridge viewing the Lower Pine Lake. The Civilian Conservation Corps built te lodge during the 1930s, and it is commonly used for reunions and other groups. The lodge can also be reserved online via the park reservation system. The Park has facilities suitable for camping, well-furnished cabins, but reservations must be made online.

Pine lake state park also has several miles of well-developed trails for hiking, jogging, running, cycling, skiing, etc. Besides, the bike trail connects the campground and cabins to the beach and picnic areas.

The Pine Lake state park has some great river activities that you can partake in, like canoeing, boating, swimming, fishing. Fortunately, the Iowa river borders a part of the park and is known for easy catfish and smallmouth bass harvesting.

Ackley Recreation Club Golf Course

If you’re a golf lover, you need to visit to Ackley Recreation Club Golf Course. It is a historic golf course and a 9-hole golf course.

Also, the team members are friendly, kind, and welcoming. So you have nothing to worry about.


Ackley is a town that will give you a unique, unforgettable experience. Even though it’s a small city and not well-known by people, the attractions in that town ranging from the preserve, the Lake State Park, the heritage centre, the golf course, can keep you coming back for more. So if you’re planning to visit Ackley for vacation, don’t let anything hold you back.