Everything you should know before your next trip to Florida

Florida is truly a state filled with marvel. It is a combination of nature and contemporary life mixed in one bowl for visitors. The state comprises many distinct regions, all possessing a different vibe, giving different experiences to visitors as they travel through it. Its weather, landscapes, history, city life, nature and wildlife, parks, and culture will leave people in absolute wonder.It location along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, makes it a choice for tourist. If you are looking into a vacation in Florida, whether alone or with family and friends, this blog post is for you. Read through and learn of the non-stop excitement that you can experience in Florida.

Brief History of Florida

In 1845, Florida became member of Union – the 27th state to join. It is nicknamed the Sunshine State as some cities like Tampa Bay record about 361 days of sunshine in a year. It was named “Florida” by Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer, in tribute to Spain’s Easter celebration, “Pascua Florida.” The state also gave refuge to residents of the Northern states who wished to escape the harsh winters. Since the 20th century, tourism has been the leading industry in Florida as millions of visitors swoop in to have a feel of life there. Although its capital is Tallahassee, it has many popular cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Sarasota. It is the most populous southeastern state and is second in population to Texas among the southern states.

The first American astronault to orbit the Earth, John Glenn, blasted off from Florida at the Cape Canaveral in 1962. Neil Armstrong, the first man to visit the moon, was launched in the Apollo 11 at the Kennedy Space Center in 1969.

Florida Travel Guide

Cultural Life

The cultural footprints of various ethnic groups like the Greeks, Cubans, Native Americans, and the Spaniards have created the historic cities and towns in Florida. This has made quite a collage in the state that can be experienced fully on a trip through it. Its spectacular music, unique accents, outstanding architecture, and vibrant arts have depicted the many cultures and history that form the state. You can still see the multi-patterned array of Spanish architecture at St Augustine along with the Victorian neighborhood of the first black settlement in America in Lincolnville. The fresh aroma of baked Greek pastries can be sensed at the Dodecanese Boulevard in Tarpon Springs. Experience a more profound sense of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral culture, where annual epiphany festivities still occur. Experience the appeal of Apalachicola, a city that accents the “Old South” with its oak trees by the streets and its Gulf Coast charm.

Awesome Places to Visit

Florida maintains many parks, most of which are of natural and historical relevance. Have a feel of the unique natural region of the Everglades National Park, and experience history at the famous 1800’s fort, Castillo de San Marcos. Visit the Dry Tortugas National Park and snorkel in the water around Fort Jefferson, a structure once used as a defensive stronghold in the Civil war. Explore the city of St Augustine, the oldest city in the US, and bask in the scenic view and original Spanish architecture. You can head to Sarasota if you are looking for art and theatre at its best. Visit the Ringling estate to find the Marble Ringling Museum of Art, the Cad’Zan Mansion, and the Historic Asolo Theatre, the only 1700’s Italian theatre left in the US. Explore Walt Disney Resort and Universal Studios to find exhilarating rides in their theme parks. Ride a hot air balloon over Davenport to see the best view of the city. Visit Key West for its unique Caribbean villas, art galleries, delightful sunsets, and its tropical oasis charm.


Florida is no exception to the many local and state-wide festivities seen around the world. To fully enjoy a visit to the Sunshine State, attend the Greek Orthodox Epiphany at Tarpon Springs. The Orange bowl Festival, the Florida Citrus Festival, the Strawberry Festival, the States, the Fiesta of Five Flags, and the Arcadia Rodeo are some of the many other notable festivities that tourists attend in this city of delight.

Nature at Its Best

Florida offers the best experience for nature lovers. From their pristine beaches to their freshwater springs and their care for wildlife, a “National Geographic” experience is to be expected. Spot the strangest wild animals at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Its many beaches like Miami Beach, Guana River State Park Beach and Delray Beach are good spots for relaxation after an exhilarating day. Explore its natural marvels like the underwater river in Devil’s Den, Tamiami Trail, Boca Grande, and the Three Sisters Springs, and tour the serene and scenic towns in Anna Maria Island, Sanibel Island, Pass-A-Grille, and Siesta Key.


Florida is a collection of multiple cultures and history all dipped together in one place. Its big cities and serene towns are all beautiful to behold, and an experience in the state would be one to remember always. From wildlife, plants, fruits, and beaches to Caribbean towns, Spanish architecture, and even skyscrapers, Florida offers a great deal of excitement and relaxation.

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