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June 29, 2023

If you don’t like following a tight schedule or going through the hassle of making reservations on your vacation, a recreational vehicle (RV) adventure is for you.

An RV camping trip lets you travel stress-free while sleeping in familiar beds and preparing your own meals.

Going on a road trip and camping in your RV can be an exciting adventure to look forward to. For a stress-free journey, knowing the accessories you may need during an outdoor camping trip is important.  

What are the accessories you can buy for your RV? What do you need for an RV camping trip? What are some outdoor accessories you’ll need for your RV?

This article lists the accessories you can add to your RV. It also recommends outdoor accessories and equipment you’ll need when you are going RV camping.

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What Do I Need for RV Camping?

Class A RVs are one of the best RVs available. Full-time RV camping is possible with this type of vehicle. But even with the best motor home, you should pack the right equipment. 

Packing for an RV camping trip takes some planning. You should pack clothes, bedroom items, cooking supplies, toiletries, and camping gear. 

Prevent your travel trailer from tipping over on one side by evenly distributing your heavy items across the vehicle. Space your items from side to side and front to back. Pack as light as possible to keep your rig under the necessary payload and towing capacity limits. 

General RV Essentials

Whether you drive an RV or a fifth wheel, bringing the right accessories on your trip is important. Below are RV essentials for your next trip. 

  • RV paperwork and other documents

Make sure that you bring the important paperwork for your RV, including the registration and insurance. 

Bring along other important documents like the campground reservation and a paper map. It’s best to keep these documents in a folder for easy access.

  • Power cords and adapters

Don’t forget to pack your power cords and extra chargers for your devices, like phones, laptops, and tablets. You may need connectors depending on the electric service available at your resort. You should also bring electrical adapters like 30-amp and 50-amp adapters.

  • Water pressure regulator 

It’s important to bring a water pressure regulator on your RV camping trips to help protect your rig from risks of water damage. 

Water pressure is different on each camping ground, so you’ll need to have a water compressor. Unregulated high water pressure can stress your rig’s pipes, leading to leaks or flooding. 

A water pressure regulator serves as a surge protector for your appliances like the washer. 

  • Water and sewer hoses

Clean drinking water is important when you are on an RV trip. You’ll need drinking water hoses with a standard fitting that you can connect at any campsite. 

Make sure to get hoses specifically designed for drinking water. Other RV essentials you may need are showerheads, a water heater, and an RV sewer hose. 

RV Kitchen Accessories

It takes a while to adjust to RV living, but it can be lots of fun once you get used to it. 

Preparing your meals while on the road is challenging. But with the right kitchen accessories, you can whip up any meal in no time. 

One of the drawbacks of cooking in an RV is that you don’t have enough space. Below are accessories that can help you cook efficiently in your rig’s kitchen. 

You can save space in your RV kitchen by getting an all-in-one multicooker. This appliance is perfect for your camper’s kitchen as this device can make several recipes, from vegetable dishes to slow-cooked meats. 

You have to make sure your items aren’t toppling over or tossing around while traveling. Kitchen cabinet organizers can prevent spills and allow you to use your space efficiently. 

Collapsible kitchen tools are another space saver you’ll need for your moving kitchen. Collapsible measuring cups can help organize and save your kitchen space. 

Bring extra kitchen RV parts, like an extra faucet or sealants. Coolers may come in handy too. You may also get fridge fans to help reduce energy use.

Some known brands for these RV accessories are Coleman, Camco, Dometic, and Valterra. You can buy these items in your local hardware store or online shops like Amazon.

RV Temperature Control Gadgets and Hacks

One of the best perks of RV camping is temperature control. With the right thermostat, you can keep your rig comfortably cool in the summer or warm during winter. 

Some thermostats let you control your mobile home’s temperature in the palm of your hand. 

You can manage your RV’s temperature anywhere using your cell phone. Some thermostats are available for both Android and iOS users. 

If you don’t want to let the cold air out of your fridge just to check its temperature, smart temperature sensors let you monitor your RV’s fridge temp without opening its door. 

You can also remotely check your portable coolers or RV refrigerator’s temperature to make sure the items inside are safe using these sensors. 

Summer is the perfect time to go on an RV adventure, but traveling under the season’s heat can be tough. Below are ways you can keep your rig cool in the summer without breaking the bank.

Park your RV in the shaded park of the campsite. You can also open your windows at night to let the cool breeze in. 

Close your windows when you wake up to keep the cool wind from last night inside your RV and save on air conditioner expenses. 

You can also cook your meals outdoors to avoid heat build-up in your RV. Using an oven or stove inside the RV heats your rig.  

Alfresco dining is also fun because you can enjoy the fresh air and good scenery while having your meals.

Outdoor and Camping Accessories

You can go camping while you are RVing. An RV awning is one of the things you can get for your outdoor and camping experience. 

You can also buy a portable propane fire pit, hammocks, a wood pellet grill, a tote tank, and a solar oven. 

Boondocking and Dry Camping Accessories

If you want hassle-free camping or boondocking, make sure you have the necessary supplies in case there’s no electricity. 

Batteries are one of the essential things to include in your dry camping checklist. The key to a successful boondocking is preserving and rationing your battery supply. 

Having a portable power source for your dry camping is important. A generator lets you use your appliances and keep your devices charged if you’re away from a power outlet for a long period. 

With the help of a generator, you can continue to stay connected to a power source even when you’re off the grid.

You’ll also need more air conditioner power if you’re on the road. Getting an inverter for your generator is essential if you don’t want to hear the drone of a generator.

Camper Space-Savers

Your space in your RV is limited, but you can get certain items to organize your things and save space. 

These items include a custom drawer organizer and higher hangers. With a higher hanger, you can get more room in your closet.

Essential Internet Connection Accessories

Staying online while on the go is easy. Internet connectivity has improved over the years. These days, there are a handful of options for RV campers to connect online while on a trip. 

 A mobile phone or tablet can let you access the internet through a data plan. Using the device’s personal hotspot feature, you can also connect your laptop to your phone. 

Another way to get internet on the road is by installing a satellite on your RV. This Wi-Fi setup is similar to a TV satellite. 

Many campsites have public Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect to free of charge or for a small fee. You can also access public Wi-Fi services at places like Mcdonald’s and Starbucks.

You can combine more than one internet connection option to make sure you stay fully connected online. 

Miscellaneous RV Accessories

Certain miscellaneous items can help you make the most of your RV travel. 

Binoculars can enhance your overall camping experience. A good pair of binoculars helps you see amazing views of animals that are too far away. 

You can also track the places you’ve visited through a state sticker travel map. This map lets you keep track of your adventures, bringing more excitement to your RV camping trip. 

Other RV Supplies You’ll Probably Want

GPS, or global positioning system, is good for navigation because it shows you how to reach your destination. If you lose battery power or are out of GPS range, a paper map can be a reliable backup. 

Bring extra lighting for your RV not only for convenience but also as a safety measure. Flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns can give light to your RV, especially at night.

Selecting the Right RV Accessories

It’s important to gather all the right gear when you are preparing for any RV road trip. 

You need the right equipment for every situation, like making coffee or getting lost in a remote area. 

You can customize your motor home’s interior and exterior to fit your preferences, style, and comfort. Below are accessories you may want to consider adding to your RV.

Covers and Storage

After buying an RV, getting an exterior cover for it is a good idea. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage the components of your rig like its paint finishes, seals, rubber roofs, and caulking. 

An RV cover protects your RV against issues caused by exposure to UV rays. An exterior cover can also protect your rig from bird droppings, tree sap, and wind damage. 

If you cover the inside of your RV, you can lessen how much you need to dust or vacuum your rig when you’re ready to use it again. Cover your RV’s furniture to prevent dirt and dust build up.

Fresh Water

One of the most important necessities when camping is a safe water supply. Clean water is needed to prepare food, wash dishes, and maintain personal hygiene. 

Save a ton of money by getting a water filter for your camper’s kitchen. There are several portable water filters available online. 

Water filters can provide clean drinking water on your road trip. They are useful accessories for your RV because they don’t require electricity to provide drinking water. 

You can also get a water tank to store your drinking water.

Leveling and Stabilization

It’s essential to know if your RV is leveled properly at a campsite, so doors, RV gadgets, and equipment can properly operate. Luckily, modern technology can help you with your RV leveling system. 

There are devices that can tell you your RV’s current level through a smartphone app. Once you mount this device to a vertical surface in your RV and install the app on your phone, this gadget can tell you how far out of level your rig is.

You can level your RV even on sloped surfaces by using RV leveling blocks or wheel chocks. 

RV leveling blocks are also useful if you’re parked on soft ground because they can prevent your jacks from sinking.

For optimal use, look for leveling blocks that can withstand any weight.

Sanitation and Sewer

One perk of traveling in an RV is using the restroom right next to your sleeping area, especially in the middle of the night. 

To avoid problems later, you’ll need to make sure that your holding tank sewer hoses are heavy-duty and strong enough for repeated use. 

Exterior Accessories

You can get different exterior accessories for your RV, including awnings, fire pits, RV outdoor mats, and grills. You can buy porch lights, clearance lights, tail lights, and reflectors for lighting. 

You can also purchase a backup camera, backup alarm, propane tank security, and blind spot detection for security and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is RV toilet paper necessary?

RV toilet paper is highly recommended for your RV bathroom. Though RVers do not need to get this specific toilet paper, it’s advisable because this product disintegrates faster than regular toilet paper.

Toilet paper that disintegrates faster prevents clumping and clogs in your RV toilet–which you don’t want to happen. 

  1. What RV hookups do I need?

If you’ve been to an RV park, the location probably has partial hookups, including water and electricity.

There are also RV parks where their hookups come with telephone lines and cable television. 

Generally, a 30 to 50-mp outlet adapter is what you need. Still, it depends on your RV’s electrical system and the hookup available at your park.

  1. What do I need to outfit my RV?

If you just bought your RV, you’ll notice that it lacks equipment. You may have to get fittings and accessories for your camper.

Accessories and fittings you should get include a power supply, trailer equipment, wastewater fittings, fish water fittings, tools, and patio gear. 

  1. How do I maximize my RV space?

You can maximize your RV space by identifying the common areas and the storage available. 

Then you need to figure out how to use these spaces down the road. For example, your RV basement storage is where you can put a cargo slide tray or plastic storage tubs.

You can upgrade and organize your kitchen by adding baskets or shelves to store food. You can also build a closet or drawer to put your clothes and blankets in your bedroom. 

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