The city is popularly known as “the steel city” and the “city of bridges” for over 300 steel-related businesses and 446 bridges. It is one of the hottest stops in the country that is perfect for vacations and relaxation. Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and it has a population of 302,971, making it the 68th largest city in the US. The city features two inclined railways and the Point state park at the confluence of the rivers, 30 skyscrapers. Apart from steel, the city has led in the manufacturing of aluminum, glass and petroleum, and it is also a leader in electronics, computing and the automotive industry.

In 2015, Pittsburgh was listed among the “11 most livable cities globally”. It has a vibrant history in arts and culture dating from the 19th century, including film, theatres, museums and festivals. There are also Zoos, aquariums, Conservatory and botanical gardens etc. If you would love to place your bets at casinos, Pittsburgh is the place for you with several state-licensed casinos. It is also home to Anthrocon, the world’s second-largest furry convention that has been held annually since 2006; the convention has had a cumulative economic impact of $53 million as of 2017.

Pittsburgh food scene is iconic; Pittsburgh is famous for its sandwich. One popular restaurant known for this signature sandwich is Primanti Bros consisting of melted cheese, tomato, oil and vinegar-based coleslaw grilled meat, French fries and tomatoes. Pittsburgh is also famous for its patch fries, salad, Parnel’s burnt almond torte, pizzas and Sarris Candies (opened in 1960 and produces chocolate, candies and ice cream).

Pittsburgh USA

Brief History of Pittsburgh

Originally, Pittsburgh was named Fort Duquesne but was later named after William Pitt the Elder, the 1st Earl of Chatham. As often seen in history, the settlers of Pittsburgh were drawn to the rivers because of the advantages of water; three rivers, the Allegheny, the Monongahela and Ohio, form around the city, giving it a unique shape. The city played a fundamental role in the French, Indian and English wars and thus, by 1751, the three were claimants to the city.

The Pennsylvania canal and the Portage railroad played vital roles in Pittsburgh’s economic progress (trade and shipping); however, the city suffered a significant loss in 1845 when 24 blocks of businesses, churches, homes etc., were destroyed by fire. After the American Civil war, many European immigrants trooped into Pittsburgh, and they increased the population, and the city became polluted until after the war. It undertook an extensive redevelopment program that emphasized smoke-pollution control, flood prevention and proper disposal of sewage. The city became the first American city to generate electricity by nuclear power in 1957. The city has transformed from a rusting city to a burgeoning metropolis with a fantastic food scene, medicine, sports, and much more with advances in technology. Pittsburgh encompasses over 2,000 acres in city parks, states parks, county parks and riverfront parks.

One-of-a-kind Attractions in Pittsburgh

Mount Washington

Your vacation to Pittsburgh is incomplete without a ride to the top of Mount Washington. It has breathtaking and eye-catching views of the city and is one of the perfect spots in the city to take selfies

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens:

You can stroll through these gardens to see towering tropical plants initially planted at the 1890 expositions. Beautiful orchids, fascinating bonsai collection and indoor and outdoor gardens. Seasonal displays like butterfly gardens, flowers shows and miniature railroad exhibits are also available.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum

Serves a unique look into the history of America. It explores the evolution of technology and equipment and the effects of military conflicts on society. The museum idolizes the sacrifices made by the heroes and military officers who died during the wars.

Carnegie Science Center

It is the perfect space for kids to have fun and learn simultaneously. It is also known to be one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, with four interactive exhibits. You can experience what working on a space station in SpacePlace looks like or playing basketball against a robot in Roboworld feels like. Carnegie Science centre offers incredible views of the city, convenient parking, fantastic displays and cool ideas for events. You might be fortuitous to experience a wedding ceremony, award or stellar presentation under the stars. There is also a 24-foot rock wall for kids and adults to climb, and it is also an excellent venue for corporate retreats and social events.

Mineo’s Pizza House

This amazing restaurant was established in 1958 and is one of the famous eateries in Pittsburgh. The Mineo family’s third generation is currently in charge of the restaurant. The eatery is famous for its stellar tradition of using hand-grated cheese, slowly cooked sauce made from homemade dough and fresh Italian tomatoes. Their famous dishes include buffalo chicken pizza, Sicilian and John’s unique. Want to take a trip down “The Sopranos” and “The Godfather” cuisine? Mineo’s Pizza House is a place for you.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

This museum gives the Jurassic Park vibes as it contains 22 million specimens, including dinosaur fossils like the Diplodocus, the Apatosaurus, the oviraptorosaur. It hosts many educative programs and school field trips relating to botany, mammals, minerals, birds and anthropology. It’s an exceptional place for kids to understand the beauty of nature and science.


Those mentioned above are not the only places to visit in Pittsburgh. You can also visit the farmers market for fresh foods and fruits, Cathedral of learning, Frick art and historical centre, Duquesne incline, Strip district, Senator John Heinz History centre, Point state park, Andy Warhol Museum etc. Pittsburgh is a beautiful historical metropolis that provides avenues for fun and learning and is the perfect family trip.