The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, is widely known for its rich history. The iconic steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum are famous for the movie Rocky by actor Sylvester Stallone. Philadelphia is the origin of most American ideals, home to dozens of historic sites, museums and centuries-old neighbourhoods. It holds the record of the second –most extensive, most populated Irish and Italian city in the U.S.

Philadelphia is also known for its involvement in art, having about 4000 outdoor murals around it, most likely the city with the most public art.

The best time to visit the city of Philadelphia is from March to May. The spring season is charming in Philadelphia. Ignoring the slightly brisk temperatures, there is a reasonable hotel rate and an exhaustive list of spring festivals to attend. 

Philadelphia’s dining scene is phenomenal, all thanks to the roster of great cooks and restaurateurs, with the whole host of James Beard Award winners inclusive. Have a taste and enjoy the gourmet meal and the city’s trademark cheesesteak. Other delicious meals to not miss out on including roast pork sandwich, Philly soft Pretzels, Tastykakes, Hoagie,  red gravy pasta dinner etc.

Philadelphia USA

Let’s not forget the Philadelphia tax-free shopping on shoes and clothing. Do not hesitate to shop through locally owned boutiques in places like Old City, Rittenhouse, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, The King of Prussia Mall etc.

Philadelphia itself is a city of neighbourhoods, each having its own unique set of murals, shops, restaurants, customs and culture. Take a trip to this lovely city and have the entire experience to yourself.


Philadelphia, casually known as Philly, is the largest city in Pennsylvania in the U.S. Having an estimated population of about 1.6 million, it is the sixth-most-populous country in the U.S. It is said to be the cultural and economic centre of the greater Delaware Valley along the lower Delaware and Schuylkill rivers in the Northeast Megalopolis. Philly was a meeting place for the founding fathers of the United States; the First Continental Congress, the Battle of Germantown, the preservation of the Liberty Bell and the Siege of Fort Mifflin all took place in the city of Philadelphia. It also served as the capital of the United States at a time.

Philadelphia’s economic sectors include health care, biotechnology, financial services, trade and transportation, food processing, Information Technology, oil refining, manufacturing and tourism.

With an excellent education system, Philadelphia has the third-largest student congregation on the east coast, with over 120,000 college and university students enrolled in the city and about 300,000 more in the metropolitan area.

Although Philadelphia is speedily going through gentrification, it reduces the minimum displacement of homeowners in the affected (gentrifying) neighbourhoods.



United States largest municipal building has about 15 acres of floor space. The Statue of William Penn is placed at the top of the tower, and the feet of the statue is an observation deck for tourists to see the view of the entire city. There is also a park with lawns, a fountain and a café.


Housing one of the United States’ largest painting collections and other artworks. There are art collections and pictures from the 19th and 20th centuries. The movie Rocky has played an essential role in attracting lots of people to the museum.


Robert Indiana’s Iconic LOVE sculpture was placed in John F. Kennedy Plaza, known as the Love park. With the trees, green areas, walking paths, benches and open paved areas for events and festivals, it is an avenue for pop-up events and a Christmas village.


It is a dream place for most kids as they can also touch with their hands and not only see with their eyes. There is the availability of costumes and playthings to help kids learn about and explore the history and the entire world around them. The garden is where the museum’s café grows its products and the century-old Dentzel Carousel.


Housing a wide variety of animals from around the globe, actively participating in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. A vital sight to see is the Big Cat Falls, a large area housing the world’s most giant cats. Animals like Red Kangaroos, Emus, RHINOCEROS, Hippos, Giraffes, Dwarf Mongooses, Red Panda can all be found in this zoo.


Named after famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin, considered the father of modern sculpture. The museum contains about 100 of his works, with a few of his best-known works out in the sculpture garden for visitors to see.


It’s a symbol of freedom and independence in the U.S. The bell tolled in honour of George Washington’s birthday, and it was also used to mark the signing of the Constitution. It does not require an admission charge, another free thing to do in Philly.


It’s the historical name for a collection of parks located throughout the city. It has space for off-road cycling, deep-woods hiking, horseback riding and a few outdoor concerts. Must-see sights include artworks and sculptures scattered around the park, historic landmarks, Smith memorial playground etc.

Apart from the lovely tourist attractions and the phenomenal cuisine in Philadelphia, there are also a few annual events in Philadelphia such as Mummers Parade, Philadelphia Auto Show, Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Science Festival etc.

There are more festivals and sites to see in the city of Philly. If this article interests you, take a trip to Philadelphia and have a great fun-filled experience.

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