You may be wondering why to visit the city of Detroit, maybe because of some little negative news you heard about the city or because of a few downtimes the city has been through. You should now know that Michigan’s largest city has started booming again.

It was stated that Detroit is like a caffeine-buzzed city, freewheeling in ideas due to many recent changes, such as the transformation of abandoned and old buildings into bike shops, galleries and distilleries. The QLine streetcar, Little Caesars Arena, and the expanded riverfront trail are also there. Detroit is also named one of the best U.S. cities for business travel by the Travel service On Call International.

Although the city has a lot to offer whatever season or weather, the best time to visit is between May and October (except July) during the spring and autumn seasons.

National Geographic also named Motor city one of the six unexpected cities for food lovers. Corktown, the city’s oldest surviving neighborhood, has a lot of eateries ranging from breakfast joints to fine dining. The duck bop hash at Dime store and the breakfast poutine on the patio at Brooklyn Street local. Other notable food/cuisine include Coney Island hotdog, Paczki, square deep-dish pizza, halal burgers, almond boneless chicken etc.

Detroit is also popular for its involvement in football, hockey, basketball and baseball;  having the record of the only U.S. city to have its MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL teams play within its downtown district and also one of only four U.S. cities to have their teams play in the city limits of their namesake. The three main sports arenas are Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers), Little Caesars Arena (Home of Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons) and Ford Field (Home of Detroit Lions).

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Detroit has a population of about 640,000. It is the largest and most populated city in Michigan; it is also the largest city on the United States-Canada border and the county seat of Wayne County. Detroit is known to be a major cultural center, also known for its contributions to music, art design, and architecture.

The city of Detroit is popularly known as the Motor City due to its involvement with the automotive industry. The Motor city was founded by a French explorer Antoine De La Mothe, in 1701 and was taken over by U.S. forces in 1796. Other nicknames include Motown, Renaissance City, Techno City, The Automotive Capital of the World and Rock City.

Besides the mass production of cars, Detroit also produces cigars, railway passenger cars and burning stoves.

Although Motor City is experiencing a restoration, it can still be said that it holds a lot of must-visit places. The motor city is a city you can repeatedly visit because there is always a new sight in the classic American city. You can visit Detroit any time of the year, whether winter, spring, summer or fall.


Below are a few Tourist Attractions in Detroit that are a must-visit, if you are a first-timer in the Motor City


In the middle of the city is a 2.5-acre public square that becomes an avenue for Ice Skating during the winter. It also presents free entertainment to the people all year round, ideally representing a city built on diversity and innovation. The Annual Winter Blast event is held at the Campus Martius Park every year, and it attracts more than 450,000 people to the downtown area. It is also where the city’s annual Christmas tree lighting celebration is held.


The Detroit international riverfront in Detroit, Michigan’s tourist attraction and landmark. It encloses a cruise ship passenger terminal and dock, a multitude of parks, retail shops, restaurants, a marina, skyscrapers and high rise residential areas along with the TCF (convention centre). It serves as an arena for annual events and festivals such as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. The North American International Jazz Festival, Motor City Pride, the North American International Auto Show and Detroit China Festival. You can’t visit the Detroit International Riverfront without seeing the beautiful River Walk located directly on the river.


It is a ten-story tall enormous structure and can accommodate more than 1200 vehicles in Detroit. The garage was named for its shape; it has interior walls covered in astonishing murals (pieces of artwork painted precisely on a wall or other permanent substrates) from twenty-seven artists worldwide.


Before creating malls, it used to be a top regional avenue for luxury shopping and has now undergone a few reconstructions and is now attracting lots of visits.


Jeanette Pierce, the city’s most passionate advocate, founded this nonprofit. Locals who are zealous and have deep knowledge about their hometowns provide insider tours to visitors. Whatever your interest is, be it food, culture, sports or architecture, the team of locals has got you covered.


This market emphasizes why Detroit is a foodie city. The six-block market has been in existence for more than a century and records a visit of about fifty thousand people on Saturdays regardless of the weather. The essential market days in this market includes the Tuesday market, the Artisan Sunday market and the Tailgating parties held before the Lions games.


Your visit to Detroit is incomplete without spending time at the Motown Museum. Nicknamed Hitsville U.S.A., this museum was where Berry Gordy lived and recorded the Motown hits; one step inside, and you will catch the lovely beat and spirit of this flourishing music era.


There are things about Detroit and other places to visit that were not mentioned above. A visit to Motor City is all you need to see and experience all of the above mentioned and more. If you enjoy reading this, you should take that trip to Detroit.