Amazing things you should know before going to Louisiana

Louisiana is a fantastic place to be, especially during summer. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, the fun never ends. It’s a state where life is more about living than doing, and time seems to slow down. Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s state capital. This city puts its reputation aside to celebrate the great things it offers, like the Capitol building.

While you’re in Louisiana, ensure you have an adventurous experience by visiting swamplands, the bayous with their dead silent waters that’s home to wild animals.

Brief History and Interesting facts you need to know about Louisiana

  • Louisiana is located in the southeastern part of the United States. It gained statehood on April 30, 1812, becoming the 18th state to join the U.S. state union.
  • Louisiana lies above the Gulf of Mexico close to the Mississippi River and is bordered by Mississippi (East), Texas (West), and Arkansas (North). It was initially colonized by the French during the 18th century and became U.S. territory based on the historic Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and in 1812 it became part of the union. Baton Rouge is the capital city.
  • In 1803, Thomas Jefferson increased the size of the United States by buying the Louisiana Territory about 828,000 square miles of land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains from France. Also, Louisiana is home to the historic port city New Orleans, which is widely known for its top-notch jazz, cuisine, and great Mardi Gras festival.
  • The influence of early Spanish and French settlers can still be seen in the state’s cuisine and culture. Louisiana doesn’t have any official language. The languages spoken in Louisiana includes; French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and English.
  • Louisiana State Capitol Building, the tallest state capital in the U.S., has 34 stories and is 450ft tall.
  • Louisiana is also called “the Pelican State,” which is from the many pelicans used to occupy the state’s gulf coast.
  • Louisiana is one of the top states producing oil and gas in the U.S. It’s also the top producer of crayfish and shrimp in the U.S.
  • René-Robert Cavelier named Louisiana in the mid-1600s in honor of King Louis XIV, King of France (1643 – 1715).

One-Of-Kind side attractions to visit in Louisiana

New Orleans’ French Quarter

The French Quarter is the most renowned and oldest place in New Orleans. This stunning building is about 300 years old, having wrought balconies that protrude over the tourist-filled sidewalks. Many people visit the French Quarter for entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.

Bourbon Street is the most visited and famous place in the French Quarter since it’s constantly bubbling with live music and many tourists. Decatur Street is an incredible place for hipsters to hang out, while North Rampart Street has several excellent restaurants and historic buildings. Royal Street is pedestrian-friendly, and it’s famous for having art galleries, jazz clubs, and antique shops.

Louisiana Travel Guide

Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol was built in a Gothic-Revival style, which gives tourists a dramatic impression upon sighting it. It has crenelated roofing, and two large towers are on both sides of the entrance. The building, which looks like an old castle, is built on a hill that overlooks the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge.

It houses a political history museum containing documents, interactive exhibits, and artifacts that explain the states’ history. You get to learn more about the building’s history and importance in the “Ghost of the Castle” presentation. A 4-D presentation anchored by Sarah Morgan’s apparition.

Swamp Tours

Louisiana is known for its bayous and swamps, and luckily you don’t have to move far from New Orleans to explore a bayou country. You get to see moss-covered trees, large swamplands, and diverse wildlife, such as snakes, wild boars, alligators, and wading birds.

Fortunately, tours are well-arranged and one of the best in the New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat Tour with Transportation. It’s a two-hour boat tour led by a knowledgeable and charming guide who will entertain you with Honey Island Swamp stories and indicate the various animals living there. Also, the tour stops at a Cajun Village, which is only accessible by water, so that you can learn about their extraordinary culture.

Sci-Port Discovery Center

Sci-Port Discovery Center is an entertainment and science center that features a laser SPACE DOME Planetarium, space, science, math exhibits, and an IMAX Dome Theatre. It’s situated in Shreveport, the center is targeted towards youth and children, and is a famous family attraction with an efficient educational component, containing lots of interactive exhibits.

Recently, the center added the Power of Play Children’s Museum in center to motivate children to learn by actively participating in the play.

Rosedown Plantation and Gardens

This plantation is a State Historic Site known for being one of the most adequately preserved domestic Southern plantations. It gives you the chance to learn more about the lifestyles of both plantation owners and slaves in the mid-19th century in the South.

You can find Azaleas, camellias, and rare shrubs and trees on the plantation. The Rosedown Gardens were created by the couple, Daniel and Martha Turnbull, in 1835. The Turnbull family stayed in the mansion for more than 120 years.


Louisiana is a place where you will get loads of fun, increase your knowledge, explore ancient and historic buildings, sites, and artifacts. Don’t doubt whether or not you and your family will have fun or not, because everyone will get to enjoy their vacation irrespective of their age.