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Idaho is situated in the northwestern axis of the United States. It’s the 14th largest of the U.S. states and the 12th least populous.

It’s famous for potatoes, beautiful mountain landscapes, secured wilderness, and outdoor recreation areas. The Boise River is a well-known destination for fishing and rafting, and Idaho has several trails for hiking, walking, and biking.

Idaho is a big state, and it’s adjacent to Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. Rivers, mountains, and farmlands influence the state’s landscape. The panhandle possesses pristine lakes, timbered mountains, and emerald green hillsides.

Central Idaho is enclosed with jagged peaks while Southern Idaho is filled with irrigated farmland, the Snake River Plain, open vistas, and lively cities.


Brief history and interesting facts you need to know about Idaho

Idaho produces about 72 types of precious and semi-precious stones. Most of these stones can’t be found anywhere else globally; that’s why Idaho is known as The Gem State.

The history of Idaho is within its native tribe, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and determined 

Oregon Trail pioneers. Presently, Idaho is both a small town and cosmopolitan friendly. Boise is the largest city and the capital of Idaho, having a population of about 190,000.

Idaho’s major business sectors are manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. Its massive outdoor recreation opportunities and beautiful scenic vistas attract more than 20 million tourists yearly.

It was named from a Native American word that means “the land of many waters.” The pronunciation is quite similar to the state’s name.

Idaho has the world’s longest gondola ride, so strap in and enjoy the beautiful nature from above. The gondola is located in the Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg.

Idaho holds a little Guinness World Record for a maze. Idaho is famous for the longest straw bale maze, which is located in Rupert.

The state produces other crops asides from potatoes. The state is also called the Lentil Capital of the World. And known to have giant hops farms in the United States. Huckleberry is a fruit cultivated in Idaho, and Huckleberry tea is good for starch digestion. 

In Idaho, Heaven’s Gate Lookout is a place where you can see Washington, Montana, and Oregon. Idaho’s motto is “Esto Perpetua,” and it means “this is forever.”

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Shoshone Ice Cave Figures, Shoshone

Shoshone is a natural ice cave. It’s an exceptional feature of Idaho’s landscape that contains fascinating plastic dinosaurs and prehistoric figurines, which attracts tourists. It’s so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave without taking a picture.

Potato Museum Potato, Blackfoot

Blackfoot is home to an Idaho attraction common among thousands of tourists. It’s the world’s biggest giant potato and located at the Idaho Potato Museum. This place is suitable for potato enthusiasts to capture beautiful photos and selfies. The old Styrofoam version was changed a few years ago; presently, they now feature sour cream and butter on top because Potatoes need a little glamour.

Snake River Greenbelt Figures, Idaho Falls

This beautiful waterfront city has many art pieces that can’t be listed individually, but strolling down the River Walk greenbelt or through the parks displays an abundance of exceptional art–hand-crafted benches, sculptures, and topiaries. Together they create a fun environment that appeals to both childlike and imaginative similarly.

Lewiston Wave, Lewiston

Christopher Fennell created over 50 canoes in this wave-like sculpture that’s very close to the Interstate Bridge. Christopher Fennell’s art piece is an exceptional feat of engineering that’s usually reclaimed and recycled. The unique rolling hills in the background would make an attractive backdrop for pictures.

Grove Street Illuminated and Boise Canal, Boise

It was designed by Amy Westover together with a downtown renovation, and the behemoth sculpture is of great importance to Boise that tourists hardly see that it’s an ordinary art. The three rings represent change, while the series of manhole covers symbolizes the Boise Canal, which was the foundation of the Grove Plaza region.

Clippings and engravings represent the city’s spirit, while the piece stands as a Boise landmark, superb background for pictures, and historical piece of art.


Whatever region of this great state you desire to explore, you’ll discover unique and fascinating scenery, fun and exciting activities to do. You’d also get to meet warm, helpful, and friendly people. So, explore Idaho state today, and you’ll have great fun.