Everything you should know before your next trip to Delaware

Delaware is a state unlike any other. It is ideally suited for a getaway, offering visitors an exciting experience. The city lights, beaches, wide-open spaces, and more leave a delightful smile in the memories of tourists and natives. The scenic views are truly memorable, as the state flaunts its unique beach towns and countryside vineyards to the world. This blog is a must-read if you plan on visiting Delaware for your family trips, getaways, weddings, and time with friends. Explore the culturally rich cities in the state to get an exhilarating experience, wine and dine and discover some of the finest restaurants and vineyards in the place, and have a feel of the sun-splashed beach experience.

Brief History and Description of Delaware

Delaware is the first of the original 13 states in the US to endorse the federal constitution. It is categorized into three counties; New Castle, Kent, and Sussex established in 1682. The state is the second smallest in the country, but it is densely populated with a higher number concentrated in the north in correspondence to its industries. A significant part of the state forms the northeastern corner of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Delaware is filled with a lot of historical and cultural relevance. It is home to the Holy Trinity Church, one of the oldest churches in America today still used as a place of worship. The first beauty pageant took place here in Rehoboth Beach in 1880, with Thomas Edison as one of its judges. Eleven observation towers built at the onset of the Second World War to protect coastal towns from German warships remain standing today. Thomas Jefferson referred to this state as the “jewel among the states” because of its location on the Eastern Seaboard, giving Delaware the nickname “the Diamond State.” Celebrities and famous people like Ryan Phillippe, Teri Polo, Elena Delle Donne, Howard Pyle, and even Joe Biden were born and raised here.

Delaware Travel Guide

Sightseeing in Delaware can never be dull. There are too many places to visit. Whether it is to learn more about history, art, and culture in one of their many museums, derive exhilaration from kayaking on their rivers, or even relaxing at their beaches to unwind after an eventful day, the fun never stops. Delaware is home to many museums like the Winterthur Museum, which is noted for its decorative art collection displayed in authentic period rooms. Another famous museum is the Hagley Museum and Library, which houses the history of the development of manufacturing in America, like the early mills and indoor exhibits. You can explore other notable museums like the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Delaware Art Museum, and Old Town Hall.

A visit to the city of Wilmington will leave you with a plethora of experiences. You can go on brewery and winery tours, historical train rides, and even have a spin at one of the casinos. This city has been known as a center of artists and illustrators, many of which are pupils of Howard Pyle. Visit the DuPont Theatre and the Victorian-era Grand Opera House to experience exceptional performing arts. The theatrical traditions do not stop here. You can see productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in the village of Arden. Museums of natural and local history are many in Wilmington, as are the opera houses. Take the younger ones to the Delaware Children’s Museum and give them a chance to learn. The Wilmington Riverfront also offers a scenic view and an array of attractions for evening strolls.

Tour the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover and see many aircraft, including helicopters, cargo haulers, fighters, and even a bomber, as you feel the extraordinary history of its colonial past. View the fast tracks at the Dover International Speedway, better known as the “Monster Mile,” to see NASCAR and other car races. Explore the Fort Delaware State Park on Pea Patch Island to feel the US Civil War history at the Union fortress. See the 77-room mansion, reflecting pool, vintage vehicles, and French gardens at the Nemours Mansion and Gardens previously owned by Alfred du Pont. Fish, surf, or swim at the Cape Henlopen State Park, where you can find fish tanks, trails, and a World War II observation tower. Take a step back in time and visit New Castle, the home to the second most historic structures in the US. View the architecture there and take a ride on the Kalmar Nyckel to have a fantastic view of Delaware Bay.

What better way to unwind than to have a fun day at the beach. Spend some time at the delightful beach town in Rehoboth beach and explore the many shops, amusement rides, and arcades by the boardwalk. You can catch a concert at the bandstand if music is your thing. You can also visit Bethany beach and have good taste in their ice cream parlors, and French fry stands.


Whether it’s a rich history, scenic views, or art of all forms, you can find them in Delaware. What’s more exciting is that the state is small, and it is easy to access any of these exciting places from another. Delaware takes you on a ride to history, art, culture, relaxation, and nature all at the same time, giving you an all-around experience.

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