When planning your next trip, you wouldn’t want to miss some breathtaking landscape visuals in Colorado, especially if you love nature. Colorado is of Spanish origin, meaning colored red. The Colorado river inspires the name because of the red sandstone soil of the region.

Colorado is a home of many beautiful natural wonders, ranging from beautiful breathtaking majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains and wildlife to perfect climatic conditions. With around 300 out of 360 days of sunshine, Colorado has made it a perfect place for travelers and tourists a significant center of attraction.

Tourists and travelers never cease to be amazed at the red soil formation, geographical landscapes, high rocky and flat mountains, serene lakes, forests, and grassland. With Colorado, you can be in four states, same time, surrounded by Arizona, New Mexico, Utah. Colorado has everything to offer for an outdoor event, so if you are a lover of outdoor activities, you will have an excellent time in Colorado.

Colorado’s capital –Denver, is a booming metropolis with great works of art and a cultural scene that will scale your Colorado adventure to the next level. It also houses some historical museums like Denver Museums of Nature and Science, History Colorado Center, Denver Art Museum, Denver of contemporary Art Denver, e.t.c and some performing Art complexes like Denver Performing Art Complex, the second-largest Campus of its kind in the country.

Colorado Travel Guide


Colorado is popularly known as the ‘Centennial States’ as it becomes a state in the United States, precisely one year after signing the United States Declaration of Independence. Colorado is the home of the World’s natural and deepest hot springs and swimming pool, with Glenwood housing the World’s largest mineral pool. It was the only Colorado that has ever turn down the Olympics in 1976.

Colorado’s mountainous area is so large that it’s six times the size of Switzerland, with an inhabitant of 9,600 miles of fishing streams and 2,500 lakes. No wonder it contains 75% of the land area of the United States with an altitude over 10000 feet. You can be four cities at a time at Colorado’s southwest corner border is the only place in America where the four states meet; the states are –Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado itself.

Colorado has the World’s most enormous Flat-top Mountain, the name of the mountain is ‘Grand mesa,’ located in the Grand Junction, with more than 10000 feet above sea level. It is home to a lot of various wildlife and distinct geological features. It also has the World’s most suspension bridges, named ‘the Royal Gorge Bridge,’ located in Canon City, reaching a height of 1,050 feet.


Here, we list some fantastic things you stand to enjoy when you visit the City. However, we will mention a few, not all, because there are more than countless places you can have fun. We will highlight some (not all) of the places.

1.)   BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL PARKS: When it comes to the natural beauty of a great outdoor event, you should consider a trip to Colorado. Tons of exciting National parks will put you in an Awe-inspiring mood. Examples of these incredible national parks include Rocky mountain National parks, which is the most popular in the states, Mesa Verde National park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks, and the likes. All these are great moments to exploit.

2.)   FREEDOM & HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Colorado has consistently being ranked as the healthiest and most active state, even though the use of weeds like marijuana is legal. The high rate of beer production is very high compared to other states, with over 200 craft breweries and other microbreweries, which pave the way for them to host the most significant domestic beer festival –The Great American Beer Festival. All these haven’t in any way affect their active, vibrant, and healthy lifestyle.

3.)   Great Cities and Outdoor recreation: Among the incredible outdoor and vast landscapes are some vibrant cities; Most Coloradoans spend a lot of time outside, and outdoor activities like hiking are a must. You find outdoor recreation spots like beautiful restaurants to suit your taste bud, live music venues, Colorado spring e.t.c. One who goes to Colorado always has a story to tell when they are back

4.)   ART AND CULTURE: Colorado is a great place to experience some cultural opportunities and Art scene; one can visit places like the Denver Art museums, Museum Of Contemporary Art, and performing Art which showcase historical Arts and Natural Artifacts. Colorado also has large festival gatherings, and If you have never experienced an exclusive distinct festival, you should try Colorado. They are short of festivals –With great music, food, art. The festivals usually take place in the major cities or mountains, which attract thousands of people far and wide globally


These are just a few of the exciting places you can find and enjoy in Colorado, and there is some offbeat experience that will put you in an awe-inspiring mood when you visit the place, like fly fishing, wildlife, spas, etc. Are you still contemplating where next to explore? Why not try Colorado? And get your most liked social media post.