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3989 South 525 East, Columbus, IN 47203


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GPS: 39.1624,-85.8124

CERAland Sports Park & Campground is located at 3989 South 525 East, Columbus, Indiana 47203 with a total of 308 campsites. Before your trip to CERAland Sports Park & Campground, check out website at https://www.ceraland.org/ or contact them through 812-377-5849 to know their nightly rates and available discounts.

GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude)

39.1624, -85.8124

GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude) 39.1624, -85.8124

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Last Price Paid: $45

Reported by Elseless on 08.09.2020

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April to Nov


623 ft / 189 m

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  • Lots of activities. Great for kids. Not great for peace & quiet, if that’s your thing.

    Reviewed 9/8/2020

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    Nightly rate: $45

    Days stayed: 1

    We rarely make reservations, and this was no exception - it was a last minute pick through the Campendium app (beware, the map app directions were WAY wrong!! Do NOT try to enter via N County Road 600 - there is NO entrance there!! Make sure you’re coming in thru County Road 525!!!) First, the good:If you have kids (or just like a wholesome family atmosphere) there’s a whooooole lot here to do and see!! Archery, baseball games, shooting range, playgrounds, lakes, I think I even saw frisbee golf baskets... And lots more I’m not recalling off the top of my head... plus acres and acres of lush green grass & trees. Tons of kids running around, making weekend best friends, riding bikes (*see note, below), family BBQ’s, campfires, birthday parties (you can apparently even rent bounce houses!), etc, etc, etc - we were really blown away by all the activities at this obviously well loved park. Most of it was wasted on us, however, as we were pretty much just there to get a little rest and a good night’s sleep before continuing on our way.We were actually able to watch a couple movies (via a hotspot through my verizon phone... so, good Verizon connection, here!)The (somewhat, kinda) bad:As briefly mentioned above & in detail below - the road coming in is harrowing and the entrance was somewhat of a clusterfudge - I don’t know what it’s likely normally, but we were coming in on a Friday night to an already packed park with at least 2 baseball games going and a very, very long line of incoming cars & recreational vehicles. It was crazy! Their online reservation page kept bouncing around from “8 spaces left!” To “last space reserved 4 hours ago!”, which had us in a panic since there weren’t any other parks within easy driving distance... but amazingly, when we got up to the front entrance parking attendants there was still room for us. Hooray! We were put back in the “pet friendly” area, which seemed like an afterthought compared to the rest of this large park - it was (sadly) mostly treeless gravel spots that were tightly packed - compared to the lush greenery everywhere else in the park, this area seemed like punishment for our lack of reservations lol. Our neighbors were loud and unfriendly (completely ignored my husband’s friendly greeting when we arrived) - but that’s not the park’s fault.It was boisterously loud - but not unpleasantly so. I rather enjoy the sound of kids playing and families laughing around a campfire... but others may not. “Quiet time” supposedly starts at 11 - but it took until about 11:30 - 11:45 to get everyone calmed down, I guess. No big deal - but if you’re an early-to-bed kind of person, be prepared to blast your AC/Fan so the white noise can drown it out. I can sleep through almost anything with a fan next to my bed :)All in all - a nice place. Very reasonable considering all the amenities. If you’re just passing through - especially on a weekend/summer/holiday - you may want to consider if you want to deal with all the craziness , if that kind of thing annoys you. Looks like it would be a fun place to stay for a weekend, especially with kids. :)We did not avail ourselves of any of the amenities - we pretty much parked, plugged in, ate a quick dinner while watching a movie and left early the next morning - but I got the feeling they’d be clean & well appointed. Oh - there’s also a little camp store with some supplies - I didn't see it myself, but just FYI if you’re in need of commons camping goods.*A note about driving: BE CAREFUL DRIVING through the park!! I do wish they had separate roads for motor vehicles and bikes - although the posted speed limit was appropriately low, there’s lots of rolling hills and low visibility in places - especially when you’re just pulling in and trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go. We rounded a corner and were shocked to see two very small children (maybe 3-5, max) riding their bikes in the opposite direction on this *very* narrow dual lane road, shared with cars, golf carts, trucks/trailers and motor homes. I sure wouldn’t let my kid ride their bike alone on that road! But I also didn’t see another road from the campsites to where many of the kid-friendly activities were - although I appreciate wanting to preserve as much off the landscape for natural beauty, I think a small separated walking/bike path would be much safer.Likewise, the main road coming in (S County Road 525 E) is also extremely narrow... just one exceptionally narrow lane in each direction, with no shoulder on either side and a sharp downward pitch just off the pavement. Considering there’s barely enough room on either side for a regular car, it gets downright scary when you have two RV’s passing each other! I don't understand why they didn’t at least allow for a dirt/gravel (or even level grass!) shoulder on each side - there’s certainly plenty of available land.

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