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June 30, 2023

Are you interested in replacing or upgrading the windows for your motorhome? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This article answers the question of what material is used in recreational vehicle windows, and discusses different types of RV windows to help you choose the one for you.

This article also covers how to replace your RV windows and the cost involved in changing them.

Even if you don’t realize it, your motor home windows are a major part of your vehicle’s comfort and resale value.

Your windows frame the interior and exterior views you see on the road and block out heat, cold, and noise to make things more comfortable.

When traveling for extended periods, it’s important to have the right RV windows. 

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What Are Camper Windows Called?

Camper windows are called crank windows. But they also go by many names, like awning, torque, jalousie, and louver windows. Camper windows may be single or multiple panes.

In the past, RV windows with crank-open mechanisms didn’t have a quality seal to keep warm air inside, so these windows weren’t suitable for year-round camping.

But now, thanks to improved engineering and technology, campers are increasingly choosing to install crank-open windows on their trailers.

RV windows with this seal are easy to clean, provide excellent ventilation, and keep out the rain while allowing airflow in rainy weather.


RV windows will give your space the style it deserves and allow you to enjoy the comfort of your camper on the road. 

The windows come in a sleek black finish, so you can look great while matching any style. 

With the naturally lit windows, you can also have natural light in all areas of your motor home.

What Type of Glass Is Used in RV Windows?

Many RV entry door windows and side windows on RVs, campers, and motor homes are made of tempered glass. 

This is usually referred to as safety glass because it’s strong enough that it won’t break easily if you accidentally bump your RV into something.

The glass that’s been specially processed to make it stronger can withstand a minimum of 10,000 pounds per square inch of surface compression.

When it does break, tempered glass crumbles into small pieces and isn’t sharp like ordinary broken glass. 

Tempered glass is also used as emergency egress windows. These are specially-sized exit windows designed to allow people to escape quickly in an emergency.

Tempering glass requires heating the glass and then cooling it quickly. The rapid cooling process creates greater tension in the surface of the glass, making it stronger than regular glass.

Tempered glass makes excellent side windows for RVs and can reduce the need for window repairs.

Key Benefits

If you own an RV, you know how important it is to have a good set of windows. They make a huge difference in the overall comfort of your camper. Let’s go over their key benefits.

  • Protection from heat and cold
  • Minimized condensation and frost during winter
  • Offers insulation from noise
  • Protection against debris
  • High-quality components, including seals, tracks, and hardware
  • Vibration resistance

Other Vehicles RV Windows Can Be Used In

The trailer windows in recreational vehicles can also be used in different vehicles, including:

  • Coaches
  • Bus conversions 
  • Houseboats
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Travel trailers
  • Fifth wheel
  • Mass transit vehicles
  • Truck canopies
  • Shuttle buses
  • Equipment cabs
  • Fleets bus
  • Vans
  • Trucks

Types of RV Windows

There are many types of RV windows to choose from. You can usually buy them on Amazon or other stores that sell RV windows.

2000 Series Awning Windows

The Awning Window Series has a large mounting flange for easy installation, strong zinc or steel hardware, and sloped sills for improved water drainage. 

This classic awning window has been an industry standard for years. An RV instantly looks more appealing with a classic awning window. 

The weather-enforced vinyl seals help keep the RV’s interior dry, no matter the environment. The seals are also made of durable vinyl with nylon reinforcement.

3000 Series Bonded Windows

The 3000 Series Bonded Windows are made of curved glass with an automotive silk-screen stencil and a scissor operator.

This window has a flush exterior made entirely of glass, so it can give the surface of your RV a sleek and polished look. 

The windows’ hidden hinge gives you a lot of ventilation, and its penciled edge perimeter is an added visual appeal.

8600 Series Windows

The 8600 Series Dual Pane Sliding Window is ideal for anyone who wants to control the temperature in their motor home.

This window’s dual pane design keeps the heat outside while allowing cool air.

It also has a mounting flange that makes it easy to install, sloped sills that let water drain off quickly, and a dual sweep system.

The 8600 Series offers a wide range of picture, vent, and fixed pane options, making it easy to find the right window for any design.

8700 Series Windows

The 8700 Series Window is designed to meet and exceed the strict standards of FMVSS 217.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 217 regulates emergency exits, window retention, and release on buses.

This window comes in flat or contoured versions with either standard safety glass or laminated glass.

If the glass is broken, it can be fixed in the field without removing the window. A sliding screen can also be installed on request.

8800 Series Slide Windows

The 8800 Series Slide Window has clean lines and is free of exterior fasteners.

The sophisticated interior engineering of the new screen improves water management and increases retention and functionality.

Economy Commercial Windows Lock Rubber Series 900

The Series 900 window is a two-channel window with lock rubber mounting. It’s used for many heavy-duty applications, including the industrial vehicle markets.

When you specify this window with a black anodized finish and tinted glass, it looks and performs better than other competitive windows.

The Series 900’s have also demonstrated their durability by lasting many years with no problems.

This type of window can last for 15 to 20 years or more. The thin profile of the Series 900 makes it an excellent choice for thin wall applications.

Economy Commercial Sliding WindowsTrim Ring – Series 1100

The Series 1100 is a durable clamp ring window in a single- or double-sliding configuration. Both of these options can be ordered with solid tempered glass.

The fixed glass panel is protected by high-quality vinyl, and the sliding panel mounts in a durable channel lined with polyester. 

The exterior face has plenty of slots for water to drain away.

Sprinter Van Conversion Windows First Generation From 2000 – 2006

These Sprinter Van Windows are constructed from high-quality powder-coated aluminum extrusions and fitted with 1/4” safety glass. The windows are also available in a dark gray finish or clear upon request.

All of the Sprinter side windows are built in a T-slide configuration. This means that the top half of each window is fixed, while the bottom half can slide horizontally.

The Sprinter windows include sliding screens, interior clamp rings, and black color-keyed screws for installation.

Sprinter Van Conversion Windows New Generation From 2007 – Current

These windows are similar to the first-generation Sprinter van conversion windows with a few added features. 

They’re made from high-quality automotive aluminum extrusions that are powder coated and fitted with either clear or grey lite automotive glass of your choice.

The side sliding door window and forward-facing driver’s side window are also built using T-slide structures.

The windows have similar features to the first generation, like sliding screens, interior clamp rings, and black color-keyed stainless steel screws for installation.

Mercedes Metris Aftermarket Van Conversion Windows

Mercedes Metris Windows are also manufactured using high-quality aluminum extrusions and fitted with either clear or dark automotive tinted glass.

The window frame is cut and joined at the mid-span to create two flat surfaces for the flat glass and a lower split slider with a screen combination.

The windows also come with sliding screens, interior clamp rings, and black color-keyed stainless steel screws for installation.

RV Elite Single Pane Windows – Series 1600

The Series 1600 is a top-of-the-line single-pane window. Clamp ring installations are made much easier by the one-piece outer window frame and interior trim ring.

The dual-fin weather seal and the motion slider track create a tight seal that blocks out drafts, dirt, and rain.

RV Elite Dual Pane Windows – Series 1800

The Series 1800 is known as the clear leader in dual pane RV windows insulated performance. These windows are also part of the signature line of high-quality RV-style windows from motion windows.

These dual-pane insulated windows were made of peninsula glass, known for producing the highest-quality windows.

The windows are made with solid tempered glass, proper double seals, anodized perforated aluminum spacers, and high-quality two-part absorption media for durability.

Ram Promaster Van Conversion Windows

This window offers three types of side windows, including sliding, side, and rear. Sliding windows are the most popular option for van conversions because they allow easy access to the interior of your van.

The side window is excellent for checking out the scenery, while the rear window is perfect for those who need a clear view of the road behind them.

When choosing a window for your van, think about the benefits of each type. 

Ford Transit Van Aftermarket Conversion Windows

Ford Transit Van Conversion Windows are a great way to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your vehicle. RVers switch to these windows to add privacy or increase security.

These RV window replacements are an aftermarket add-on and not made to replace the windows you currently have. But you can use them as an addition.

There are various types of windows available on the market today. 

You can choose a window that will match the factory look of your motor home, or you can pick a window with a unique style to give your camper a customized look.

How Much Does a New Window Cost?

A high-quality RV window with tinting, dual panes, and additional insulation can cost between $250 and $600 per window. The most reasonable price is $300 per window.

Replacing RV Windows

If you have an older RV, replacing the framed or frameless windows with new ones can be a big job. The old windows are likely in poor condition, and the process is more challenging than it looks. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace your window.

  1. First, remove the screws from the inner frame of the old window.
  2. To remove the window’s outer frame, push it out of the window area. Make sure that another person is on the other side to catch the window before it falls.
  3. Next, remove any old sealant with a putty knife.
  4. After that, clean the area with a suitable cleaner.
  5. When the surrounding area is clean, examine the components of the window opening.
  6. Before your window installation, check for any problems that might need fixing, like rusted staples.
  7. When you’ve prepared the window area, place the outer side of the new window into your window frame. You can ask the help of another person to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the window stays on its track.
  8. Once the outer frame and the window’s glass pane are in place, secure them by placing the inner frame inside the window area.
  9. Before traveling, check to make sure the window is secure.

It’s important to remember that when you remove a window, the seal that holds it in place must be replaced before reinstalling the window. 

Butyl tape is the most common type of window frame sealant for your RV windows.

How Do I Replace the Glass in My RV Window?

To remove your RV window, follow these steps:

  1. Start by loosening the rubber gasket from the outside of the pane by using your screwdriver to split the seal and then pull it away.
  2. Next, remove the mounting screws on the side of the window. Have someone help you keep the pane steady while you remove the outer mounting screws. 
  3. Carefully take out the plastic frame mount. 
  4. Take the window glass off the RV and place it on the ground.

These steps can also be used to remove two-piece windows. The smaller plastic frame will come together with the larger one when you take out the secondary frame.

You can remove the individual pieces from your RV without taking them apart.

How Do You Measure for a New Window?

The measurements you need to take are determined by the shape of the window. To measure a rectangular window, you only have to measure the window’s height and width.

If you have windows that are parallelogram or trapezoid-shaped, you’ll need to measure each side of the window and the length between opposite corners for six measurements.

Keep good measurement records so you can find a proper replacement.

Is It Easy to Install a New RV Window?

Installing a window in your RV can be done in a few hours. Beginners can take one to two hours to complete the project, while experienced owners can do it in less time. 

You need a screw gun and a putty knife to complete the installation

  1. First is to prepare the window opening for your new RV window.
  2. Next is to verify if the windows fit the opening.
  3. Once you’ve verified the measurements, you can start preparing to install the new window.
  4. Start installing your new windows.

Now that your new window is secure and sealed, you’re ready to hit the road again.

How Can I Make My RV Windows More Energy Efficient?

When you install custom RV window shades, your HVAC system will use less power.

 HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It’s the systems that regulate and move heated and cooled air throughout vehicles or buildings.RV window shades are especially helpful during the cold winter because they keep out the cold drafts while trapping heat inside the RV.

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