Four-Wheel Camper


June 29, 2023

A road trip in a camper is such a fun experience. That’s why many people are interested in renting or buying a four-wheel camper. The United States is full of scenic locations. Unfortunately, these beautiful places are often overlooked by many as they are funneled into tourist trap destinations. 

If you have a pickup truck, you can convert it into a four-wheel camper without hassle. Read this article and be ready to make roadside memories come vacation time. 

When you’re planning to get this type of camper, you might ask what a four-wheel camper is, its different types, uses, and how much these vehicles cost.

This article provides a detailed guide on the different types of four-wheel campers, their uses, and their costs. Also, this write-up details the specifications of each camper model and how they’ll fit into your vehicles. 

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Four-Wheel Camper Buyers Guide

A four-wheel camper is a motorized camper that you can bring anywhere during a vacation. It’s much smaller than other campers and trailers. Still, it’s a good choice for smaller groups of people wanting to have some on-the-road adventure while driving on the vast United States road network. 

There are many types of four-wheel campers you can choose from. This article will enumerate them and provide enough information to help you choose the right camper. 

There are four models of campers available: 

  • Flatbed camper
  • Pop-up camper 
  • Slide-in camper 
  • Topper camper 

With these kinds of campers, you can go overland to any destination in the country. You can also go to off-road and woodland locations in many states. 

Having a truck camper allows travel enthusiasts to go anywhere without needing to book an expensive hotel.   

The following list of four-wheel camper models is among the most popular types bought or rented by people for road trips. This article will help you choose the four-wheel camper fit for you when you go to camper showrooms or dealerships.  

Four-Wheel Grandby

The Grandby is a popular camper that you can quickly place at the back of a pickup truck. Companies manufacturing the Grandby model built it with durable plywood and an aluminum frame. This type of camper is convenient for people with a truck, as they don’t need to tow anything. The entire camper sits comfortably on the bed of a short truck. 

The floor plan of a Grandby is reasonably spacious, with seating, kitchen areas, and a slide-out bed. You can choose between three interior plans, the front dinette, the side dinette, and the roll-over couch. Typically, a Grandby weighs over 1,200 pounds, though the weight may vary depending on the items you place inside your camper. 

In most camper designs, you’ll have features like a water tank, thermal pack, water heater, jacks, and accessories to make your van life easier whenever you travel. 

Grandby price: $26,625

Grandby Specifications:

  • Dry weight: 1,200lbs
  • Height down with vent: 59 inches or 4.9 feet (in most trucks)
  • Roof length: 144 inches 
  • Floor length: 96 inches
  • Body width: 80 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 3 to 4 people
  • Extended interior height: 6 feet and 6 inches
  • Roof and wall framing: Aluminum
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 Gallons

Four-Wheel Grandby Flatbed

A Grandby Flatbed is a camper designed to fit a full-size truck bed. The interior is almost similar to the normal Grandby but larger. Also, this model requires a flat tray installed on your truck. The Grandby Flatbed comes with only a singular floor plan design. 

The basic design of a flatbed camper is a comfortably sized living area and a cabover bed. The great thing about this design is that you can instantly turn your pickup truck into a moving camper that you can bring anywhere. 

Grandby Flatbed price: $37,995


  • Dry weight: 1,395 pounds
  • Height down (including vent): 60 inches
  • Interior headroom (popped up): 6 feet 6 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 4 people
  • Roof length: 160 inches
  • Floor length: 91 inches
  • Body width: 81 inches
  • Fresh water capacity 20 Gallons
  • Two propane tanks: 20 pounds or 5 gallons
  • Camper framing: Welded Aluminum

Four-Wheel Hawk

The four-wheel camper hawk model fits nicely on a short-bed truck. Its size is well-suited to fit into an almost two-meter bed dimension. This model fits well in half-ton trucks and is suitable for a small family on a cross-country vacation. You can choose from different layouts, as with other models. 

Hawk Price: $25,625


  • Dry weight: 1,100lbs
  • Height down (including vent): 59 inches
  • Roof length: 128 inches
  • Floor length: 80 inches
  • Body width: 80 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 3 to 4 people
  • Extended interior height: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Roof and wall framing: Aluminum
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 Gallons

Four-Wheel Hawk Flatbed

This hawk flatbed model requires a flatbed tray installed in your truck. It fits nicely into full-sized trucks and has a bigger interior space than the hawk. You can have many additional features installed in this camper, like solar panels. The hawk flatbed has a storage space under the cabover bed. 

This model is great for people who love travel and are more into life on the road than casual road-tripping. 

Hawk flatbed price: $36,995


  • Dry weight: 1,325 pounds 
  • Height down (including vent) 60 inches
  • Interior headroom (popped up) 6 feet 6 inches
  • Adult sleeping 3 to 4 people
  • Roof length 140 inches
  • Floor length: 80 inches
  • Body width 81 inches
  • Fresh water capacity 20 Gallons
  • Two propane tanks: 20 pounds or 5 gallons
  • Camper framing Welded aluminum

Four-Wheel Raven

The Raven model is a slide-in camper that can fit nicely in the back of a short-bed Ford F series or Toyota Tacoma truck. This model has a pop-up headroom and a slide-out cabover bed that you can resize. 

The unit is powered by solar energy, generating enough electricity to run a heater and a refrigerator. You can also have an awning installed at the side that you can extend when you want to camp out in a place. 

The Raven model is a good choice for families or a small group of friends wanting to have a cozy, easy-to-manage camper for road trips. 

Raven price: starting at $16,695


  • Dry weight 1,040 pounds
  • Exterior height down (including vent) 61 inches (most trucks)
  • Interior headroom (popped up) 6 feet 6 inches
  • Roof length: 118 inches
  • Floor length: 70 inches
  • Body width: 80 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 2 to 3 people
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 Gallons
  • Two propane tanks: 20lbs total or 5 gallons
  • Camper framing: Aluminum

Four-Wheel Fleet Flatbed

The Fleet flatbed is a camper model that fits into small to midsized trucks. This camper requires a flatbed tray installed at the back of your truck.

The fleet flatbed has only one floor plan to choose from, but all the features seen in other four-wheel campers are present. You still get a spacious pop-up cabover bed area, a kitchen area, a dinette, a solar power supply, and other amenities. 

Fleet flatbed price: $36,995.


  • Dry weight: 1,295 pounds
  • Height down (including vent): 55 inches
  • Roof length: 140 inches
  • Floor length: 80 inches
  • Body width: 76 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 3 to 4 people
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 Gallons
  • Extended interior height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Camper framing: Welded Aluminum

Four-Wheel Fleet

The fleet model resembles the fleet flatbed designed for midsized trucks. There is more than one interior design for this camper, like the roll-over couch model, side dinette, and front dinette model. These campers are powered by solar energy and are great for long trips with friends and family. 

Fleet Price: $25,625


  • Dry weight: 1,048 pounds
  • Height down (including vent): 54 inches
  • Roof length: 129 inches
  • Floor length: 80 inches
  • Body width: 75 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 3 people
  • Extended interior height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Roof and wall framing: Aluminum
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons
  • 3-floor layouts available

Four-Wheel Swift

The swift model is a low-profile, midsize range, pop-up camper for small to mid-range trucks. This camper’s interior is relatively smaller than other models in this list. 

The swift model has a queen-sized cabover bed, couch-to-bed conversion, and a pop-up ceiling. It is powered by solar panels and an amp power converter for charging while driving. 

Swift price: starting at $16,695


  • Base model dry weight: 935 pounds
  • Height down (including Vent): 55 inches (most trucks)
  • Interior headroom (popped up): 6 feet 4 inches
  • Roof length: 118 inches
  • Floor length: 70 inches
  • Body width: 75 inches
  • Adult sleeping: 2 to 3 people
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons
  • Two propane tanks: 20lbs total or 5 gallons

Four-Wheel Shell Model

Go for a shell model when looking for a four-wheel camper that is considerably cheaper. With the shell model, you’ll only have bare necessities installed in your camper. 

If you’re planning to fully customize your camper, it’s better to choose the shell model. It will give you the freedom to design the interior of your camper to your liking. 

But, if you want a ready-to-use camper, and have the money to pay for it, then choose among the different model designs for each four-wheel camper listed in this article. 

Four-Wheel Project M

The project M model is an ultra-lightweight camper for smaller trucks. Its size only fits a 5-feet bed, making it a good choice for campers with small to midsize trucks. 

Unlike other models, project M is bare, similar to the shell model. But, the camper is ready for any accessories like refrigerators and solar panels. 


  1. How do you pop a four-wheel camper?

At the outside of your camper, you’ll see latches at the top, which you should unlatch before you pop up the roof. Once done, go inside the camper and find the panel you need to unlatch and push it upwards. 

In most campers, a gas-assist system will help you pop up the ceiling. You then go to the front in your camper near the cabover bed, unlatch the wooden propper and push it forwards to pop up the rest of the roof.

  1. How much does a four-wheel camper weigh?

Four-wheel campers weigh depending on the accessories and furniture you have installed. You can add a refrigerator, solar panel, solar battery, kitchen, stove, and dinette areas, which significantly add to the original shell weight of a camper. 

But as you look at the campers listed in this article, their weight ranges from 900 to over 1,000 pounds.  

  1. Who owns fourwheel campers?

Four-wheel campers are one of the leaders in RV and camper producers in the country. It has made its mark since the 1970s and is still growing today. 

As of the writing of this article, the current CEO of this company is Robert Vogl. 

The company went to different owners after it was sold to Jack Billings by the company’s founder, Dave Rowe, in 1972. It was finally sold to Salt Creek Capital, an equity firm, after which Robert assumed the CEO position.

  1. What do you call a camper that fits in the bed of a truck?

A camper that fits comfortably in the bed of a truck without installing a flatbed tray is called a slide-in camper. As the name implies, you just slide it in, and you’re ready to hit the road. 

A road trip is one of the most satisfying journeys one can experience. You only need a truck, a trailer, and a troupe of fun-loving people ready to enjoy the great outdoors. 

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