Class A RV


June 29, 2023

Do you want to travel the road comfortably with your whole family using a large storage capacity and state-of-the-art RV type? Then a class A RV may be the recreational vehicle that can fit your needs. 

What are the different types of class A RVs? Is buying a class A RV worth it? Is class A RV better than class C?

This article will provide information about class A RVs and serves as a guide for people interested in buying or renting one of these vehicles.

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What Is a Class A Motor Home?

Class A motorhomes are built with a durable and heavy-duty frame and assembled with either a commercial truck, a motor vehicle or a bus chassis. A chassis is the metal base frame of a vehicle.

Class A motor homes use similar frames as big 18-wheeler trucks and are designed to carry heavy weights. Full-time RVing is possible with this type of motor home. 

There are a lot of manufacturers and brands that make class A RVs, like Entegra Coach, Thor Motorcoach, Fleetwood, and Jayco.

Class A motor homes can run using either gasoline or diesel. An example of a gasoline RV is the Forest River Georgetown GT7.

Usually, if you have a class A motor home or are planning to get one, you can see a minimum of two slide-outs that give space for a standard room. 

You can also fit your family of four in this motor home, with the one bedroom and folding couch. Class A motor homes are a good option if you’re looking for a quality RV and broad spaces. 

Is a Class A RV Worth It?

If you’re planning to get a class A RV and want to know if it is worth getting, then you should know some of its features. 

Class A RVs may be the ideal option for you if you want an excellent road experience and complete access to a coach while you’re on the road. 

You can also sit on a chair that’s similar to a recliner and see a panoramic view through the trailer’s windshield.

Class A RV is worth getting if you want a comfortable travel experience.

Advantages of the Class A Motor Home

Getting an RV depends on the travel style you want, and there are several benefits of getting a class A RV.

A class A RV offers you plenty of space. The trailer’s length can go up to 45 feet (ft) and has a minimum of two slide-outs. You can also find a small dining area, sofas, and a bed inside the RV. 

Class A motor homes have large basement compartments around the bus, with extra insulation, heated plumbing, and tanks. Putting up a fireplace and an extra bath in the trailer is also possible.

With its large floor space, you can upgrade or add amenities inside a class A motor home, like bathtubs and countertops.

One of the positive reviews from class A RV owners is the bunkhouse or the bunk gates that prevent their kids from rolling out of bed. 

Is an RV a Motor Home or a Trailer?

RV means recreational vehicle. It’s a broader term used to describe a trailer or motor home that has a living space. 

RVs come in many sizes and can be divided into three categories: motor homes, truck campers, and trailers. 

A motor home is a recreational vehicle that has everything inside the enclosed space of the car, including the space for driving. A trailer is a vehicle that you need to pull with another car.

Top 3 Class A RVs on the Market

The top tier of luxury is the class A RV. The spacious motor home lets you drive around the country comfortably. 

It’s attached with advanced technology, excellent amenities, and ample space. Let’s look at the three best class A RVs on the market.

Newmar Ventana 4326

The 2021 Newmar Ventana 4326 is an RV with a Cummins engine, Allison transmission, and Freightliner chassis. You can rely on this motor home to comfortably run down the highway.

The RV manufacturer of this motor home installed amenities, like a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. It also has a washer, a dryer, and a kitchen, together with its accessories of a dishwasher and gallons of freshwater.

You can also install Wi-Fi, a spacious living room, and an integrated main bedroom entertainment center inside the RV.

Tiffin Allegro Red 340 33AL

This class A RV is built with up-to-date and superior features. Tiffin motor homes have a Freightliner chassis, which is famous for its reliability. Its powerful engine makes this massive motor home easy to drive. 

You can put different amenities in this spacious RV, like a washer, dryer, and king-size bed. You can also sleep comfortably with its night and day shades in the bedroom. 

Your family can also eat in this spacious RV with its kitchen with accessories, like a microwave, cooktop, refrigerator, and dinette. If your camping area is experiencing poor weather, this RV has a built-in fireplace.

Winnebago Sunstar 35 U

This RV has been labeled as a reliable vehicle in the market. It’s built with a Ford chassis and can take you and your family to your destination comfortably.

This Winnebago RV includes two captain’s chairs and above the cab is an extra bunk bed. The RV also features comfy seats like the ones used in movie theaters, a living area, and a dinette. 

The RVs master bedroom and bathroom have a king-size bed with a toilet, shower, and sink. An interior and exterior storage space option is also available. 

Class A Motor Homes in the U.S.

Class A motor homes can run using either gasoline or diesel with approximately 8 to 10 miles per gallon. Look at different class A gas and diesel motor homes in the U.S. 

Class A Gas Motorhomes

  • Vegas – This RV has a small motor home design with large class A features. Its floor plan length is 26ft.
  • Axis – This is a huge class A RV with a smaller style with a floor plan length of 26ft.
  • A.C.E. – This RV accommodates all family members with its pet-friendly features. It has a floor plan length of 28 to 35 ft.
  • Indigo – This class A RV has a warm aura and the latest interior design. This vehicle has a floor plan length of 35 to 37 ft.
  • Miramar – This vehicle has the latest interior design and amenities for your entertainment. The RV has a floor plan length of 36 to 39 ft.

Class A Diesel Motorhomes

  • Palazzo – This is a cost-effective class A diesel motor home with a floor plan length of 34 to 38 ft.
  • Tuscany – This is the perfect RV for comfortable camping on the road, with a floor plan length of 41 to 44 ft.
  • Venetian – This RV is suited for a life on the road and has a floor plan length of 41 to 43 ft.
  • Aria – This RV has superior features and is comfortable to drive. It has a floor plan length of 34 to 41 ft.

Is a Travel Trailer Considered a Motor Home?

Though travel trailers are a type of RV, along with motor homes, campers, and fifth-wheel trailers, they differ in their features and use. 

You can travel the road and explore places in a motor home. A travel trailer is a non-motorized recreational vehicle that you can’t travel with alone. You need a vehicle that can tow your travel trailer, so it can move. 

Travel trailers have limited space and are less comfortable than motor homes. These trailers also have fewer amenities compared to large motor homes. 

Travel trailers are also different from toy haulers, specifically in weight and interior space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to winterize a class A motor home?

It is important for RVers to go through the process and winterize their recreational vehicle because it can cause major problems to your RV if you don’t. 

Winterizing your class A RV includes four steps:

  • Preparing your materials
  • Draining the water
  • Blowing out the lines with an air compressor
  • Flooding the lines with non-toxic RV antifreeze 

First, you need to prepare your supplies, like RV antifreeze, and make sure your air compressor is in working condition. Then you have to fill your RV’s tank and add a fuel stabilizer. 

Other preparations include checking tire pressure, turning off all appliances and propane gas, disabling auto-gen start, and removing food, beverages, and windshield. 

You should also start draining the water from your class A RV, including its water tanks, reverse osmosis systems, water heaters, tankless water heaters, fresh water reclamation systems, RV dishwater winterization, and refrigerator. 

Blowing air through your RV systems is a step to remove any residual water and dry the remaining water completely. 

Leaving even small amounts of water that freezes can cause damage to your RV.

Clearing your RV water lines with an air compressor makes sure that no water in the water lines is present to avoid damage to your trailer.

You should also start flooding the RV lines with non-toxic RV antifreeze.

  1. Can anyone drive a class A motor home?

Class A RV is a large recreational vehicle. Some states require motor home operators to have a special endorsement.

It’s not known if a commercial driver’s license is a requirement for personal vehicles. You should check your local regulations to follow the rules in your province or town. 

  1. Is driving a class A RV hard?

There’s an adjustment in learning to drive a class A RV. But you shouldn’t be scared of driving a class A RV because you can learn with a bit of practice. 

Driving the big frame of a class A RV may be nerve-wracking at first, but once you familiarize yourself with the pivot point and the wheel cut, driving it will be easy.

If you’re getting an RV for the first time and just starting to learn how to drive in general, learn the basics before going on a road trip. 

  1. How to level a class A motor home?

Usually, your class A motor home has auto-leveling in one of its features. If you’re parking a class A RV, it is best to park the front end of the motor home to the downhill side of the slanted parking area. 

Parking your RV this way is important because only the back part wheels of your vehicle are locked when in the park. 

  1. Is a class A RV much different than driving a class C RV?

Generally, if we compare a class A RV and a class C RV with the same length and both with excellent floor plans, class A is easier to drive in the long run.

  1. What is the better RV: class A or class C?

Class A motor home has a larger overall space than class C and even Class B RVs. 

Class C motorhomes have their cockpit separated from the living area, and the sleeping area is on the top of the cockpit. 

  1. Do class A RVs have airbags?

Airbags are not included in a class A RV. Class A motor homes’ driver seat is higher than other vehicles on the road, offering extra safety.

  1. What is the most reliable class A RV?

One of the most reliable class A RVs is the Newmar Kountry Star. Owners of the vehicle commend its reliability and top-tier interior. 

Newmar Kountry Star is a diesel RV built with Freightliner XCR chassis and 37 to 40 feet. 

It’s installed with numerous features, like a LED TV, a kitchen with complete equipment, a cooktop, and a refrigerator.

Good quality tile flooring and a washer and dryer are also available. 

  1. What are permanent RVs called?

Park models are RVs built and designed to only permanently park in one area.